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    1. Прокол на "Эхе".: zanuda2

      • Оригинал взят у cas1961 в Прокол на "Эхе&quot


    2. moServices • Просмотр темы - Линия прошивок AMP (r11) (1073,1283) | Форум

      • Изменения относительно amp_r5 | +. драйвера WiFi реалтек полностью сменились: /rtl8192cu /rtl8192du /rtl8712.
      • UPD 12/02/04 18:19 MSK Новая версия ядра - amp_r8 ! бизибокс с нормальной поддержкой UTF8 ! рабочий...


    3. lm386 vs tda7052 | Forum - The RadioBoard Forums

      • Discussing audio-amplifier ICs is like discussing religions or politics! Everyone has a favorite. Both are inexpensive. Why not try both and see which one you prefer? (Personally, my answer would be "neither," but I have several LM380s to use.)


    4. DSP Robotics Support • View topic - Modeling an Guitar Amp | Forum

      • My guitar amp sim project is here if you want to take a look at it: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1435#p5781.
      • I spent a lot of time reading every thing I could about real guitar amps and cabinets on the internet and other sources to try and understand how they function to be able to try and model an amp.


    5. Orange Amps Tube Layout Guide | Forum

      • Rocker 30 pre-amp tube layout...
      • The picture below should clear the tube locations up for the AD30TC and AD140TC amps.


    6. 1.2V 90 dB transistor AF amp | Forum - The RadioBoard Forums

      • The updated amp circuit can be seen as part of the full receiver circuit here: viewtopic.php?p=54316#p54316.
      • The way I discovered the amp instability was to connect the AF amp input capacitor to the Vcc rail.


    7. Yamaha Amps | Forum - YamahaMusicians.com

      • Yamaha rotating horn combo amplifier. Vintage "Leslie effect" keyboard amp. Specifications: Controls: Volume, bass, treble, reverb, tremolo speed, tremolo control (foot pedal or hand switch), voice on/off, tremolo/chorus.


    8. moServices • Просмотр темы - FAQ (English) | Forum

      • AMP - This is an unique developing firmware line for MARS-chipsets (RTL1 * * 3). Manufacturer and brand of your Player do not matter, but you can use AMP only if
      • FYI, AMP Firmware for example, cleans everything to avoid any incompatibilities.


    9. diytube.com • View topic - Headphones for a SET Amp | Forum

      • This damping factor, or low amplifier impedance, is a key in keeping the output voltage constant with a varying speaker impedance
      • 100 OHM IN SERIES This is a classic method for adding a headphone jack to a power amp, with a resistor in...


    10. Using your guitar amp as a computer speaker | Forum - xkcd

      • The amp also has the standard red/white audio inputs. I haven't tried those yet (I don't have a suitable cable, although that can be very easily rectified), but I am determined to figure out the problem with my current setup.


    11. Fender® Forums • View topic - Mustang 2 and amplitube

      • AmpliTube Fender LE is an amp modeling software that includes some additional Fender amp models. It is useful as a standalone application for rehearsal/practice, and includes a metronome. You can bring audio files into the app., and play along as well. In plugin mode, as when using it with DAWs such as...


    12. 6111 sub-mini Tube Amp | Forum

      • So in essence it is a line amp of sorts but I have some 600ohm cans so It works out well. I really need to get outside more.
      • I challenge you to make a portable headphone amp using this tube!


    13. Clean URL - CMSimple - Forum

      • Оставил как есть, разместил здесь, чтобы не забыть cmsimple/cms.php 123-я строка. Code: Select all. $subsite_folder = str_replace(CMSIMPLE_ROOT, '', $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'])
      • cmsimple/login.php 73-я строка. Code: Select all.


    14. FL GUITAR AMP PLUGIN!? - Image-Line | Forum

      • FL Guitar amp plugin!? yup, I said I would follow up to my other amp plugins, and I did most of the main issues people have had were addressed with these 2 amp models. try them out! they sound really good! I know, I said I would release my country amp model next but I just got so into making these...


    15. Fender® Forums • View topic - Does anyone know what font Fender uses to print headstocks?

      • Bass Amps.
      • _ '65 Strat,65 Mustang,65 Jaguar,4 more Strats,3 vintage Vox guitars,5 Vox amps,'69 Bassman with a '68 2-15 Bassman cab,36 guitars total-15asst'd amps total,2 vintage '60s Hammond organs & a myriad of effects-with a few rare vintage ones.


    16. First DIY amp FINISHED - 300B SET - works! | Forum

      • I think this might be the first amp I've ever even listened to in my entire life with no global feedback.
      • BTW, I plugged a guitar cabinet into it and tried it as a guitar amp. It distorts VERY NICELY on electric guitar.


    17. Fender® Forums • View topic - Mustang III v2. Re-order all the presets

      • Hook the amp up to your computer and open FUSE. Do a full BACKUP of your amp (will save all 100 presets).
      • viewtopic.php?f=26&t=55395&p=996425&hilit=horsetamer+preset+organizer#p996425. alludes to, a drag & drop style preset number editor is sorely needed in Fuse.


    18. About Rpi2 usb power output (0.6Amp/1.2Amp switch) - Raspberry Pi Forums

      • My power supply 2.0Amp. is 0.8Amp enough for Rpi2 without usb ? I cant using enough English language. My writings can be wrong grammer.$ "in micro$oft we not trust".
      • I'm using 1.2Amp usb power output now. I need information about disadvantages.


    19. A 3 watts KISS amp / single tube ECL82/6BM8/6F3P | Forum

      • DrNomis wrote: I happen to have a couple of 6AQ5 Beam-Power Tetrodes, they have a 7=Pin base on them, I'm considering using one of them plus a 12AX7 to build a small amp, I wonder what impedances I need for an output transformer for...