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    1. Friday the 13th bugs: Database Login Failure, mouse sensitivity issues, and more | Windows Report - Windows 10 and Microsoft News, How-to Tips

      • Database login failure – Verify your internet connection? My internet is on and working and I couldn’t get the game to get online the entire day.


    2. Friday the 13th Game Database Login Failure Explanation | News | Prima Games

      • The Friday the 13th game is finally here, but a lot of people have been having problems getting into games because of the Database Login Failure error.


    3. 'Game Database Login Failure' :: Friday the 13th: The Game General Discussions

      • 'Game Database Login Failure'. Please note; that is a server migration issue. Basically we're turning off our first set of servers and upgrading servers to be more widely usable for people around the world...


    4. ‘Friday The 13th: The Game’: What is the Database Login Failure?

      • If you get a Database Login Failure don’t panic because it has nothing to do with your system despite the game telling you to verify your internet connectivity.


    5. How To Fix Friday the 13th: The Game Errors, Connection, Database Login Failure, Black Screen, Crashes - Games Errors

      • Other errors are Database Login Failure, Crashes, and Black Screen.
      • Some players are receiving the following error “Database Login Failure, Verify Internet Connectivity”.


    6. Database Login Error : F13thegame

      • Anyone with a Database Login Failure; that is our servers being overloaded by busy servers. Have to restart. Looking at 30 min or so.


    7. Login failures connecting to new principal after SQL Server Database Mirroring failover

      • Upon testing a database failure, the mirror successfully assumes the principal role and everything looks correct on the SQL Server. I can even connect successfully to the mirror using my Windows login.


    8. Friday the 13th: The Game - database login failure | Forum

      • I for one am getting the login database failure message... it reminds me of NHL 17's HUT problem early on but I've yet to find a workaround for my Gamertag....


    9. prob|database login failure - Friday the 13th: The Game General Discussion - Friday the 13th: The Game | Forum

      • prob|database login failure. Started by opkl10, May 26.
      • When I did manage to log-in, I was level 0 again and had an error buying perks -- the very thing that started it to begin with.


    10. Friday the 13th Game Players Report Even More Server Issues

      • While the most prominent issue with Friday the 13th The Game is long wait times for matchmaking, the latest problem is a database login failure error.