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    1. Что означают символы & и другие подобные? - PHP - Киберфорум

      • И возник вопрос, что такое & ??? Для чего оно? Из-за не знания этого мне кажется, могу сделать алгоритм не верным, кто знает, подскажите пожалуйста.


    2. Грамотная и максимальная монетизация AMP страниц - исчерпывающая инструкция | WPuse.ru

      • Считается, что AMP стандарт является детищем Google, но это не совсем верно. Google входит в число разработчиков, но не является ключевым в сообществе разработчиков данного стандарта. Этот стандарт открыт для всех, но на текущий момент времени его поддерживает только...


    3. Example: <amp-script> - amp.dev

      • amp-script supports using the fetch API. To be able to update the page on load, we need to use the fixed-height layout instead of the container layout (and the height needs to be less than 300px).
      • As amp-script code is executed inside a web worker, fetch only works with absolute URLs.


    4. Tracking engagement with analytics - amp.dev

      • Then, let's add the amp-analytics component to the end of the body of the document: <amp-analytics type="googleanalytics"> <script type="application/json"> {.
      • The JSON used to configure amp-analytics is a very flexible format for describing what analytics data to send and when to send it.


    5. forms - What is &amp used for - Stack Overflow

      • Note that replacing & with &amp; is only done when writing the URL in HTML, where "&" is a special character (along with "<" and ">"). When writing the same URL in a plain text email message or in the location bar of your browser, you would use "&" and not "&amp;". With HTML, the browser translates...


    6. php - Use of &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; in query strings - Stack Overflow

      • Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Learn more. Use of &amp;amp;amp;amp
      • That's not intentionally kept by the developer. The & characters are converted into the &amp; by some kind of plugin/scripts while formatting the code.


    7. The amp-list enables client-side rendering in AMP.

      • The amp-list content is provided by a JSON CORS endpoint, which is defined by the src attribute.
      • This sample shows off once of amp-list's most powerful features: being able to directly render objects from amp-state, This is possible by binding the results of an amp-bind expression to the src attribute...


    8. Documentation: <amp-auto-ads> - amp.dev

      • amp-auto-ads. Memasukkan iklan secara dinamis ke halaman AMP dengan menggunakan file konfigurasi yang ditayangkan secara jarak jauh.
      • Dengan jumlah penempatan valid yang memadai (yang disediakan dalam konfigurasi), amp-auto-ads mencoba memasukkan iklan tambahan dengan...


    9. Documentation: <amp-ad> - amp.dev | data-ad-container-id (optional)

      • amp-ad amp-fx-flying-carpet amp-sticky-ad News Article Advanced User Consent Flow Client Side User Consent Flow.
      • The <amp-ad> requires width and height values to be specified according to the rule of its layout type. It requires a type argument that select what ad network is displayed.


    10. Plugin code to add <amp-auto-ads> on WordPress sites powered by the official AMP plugin. Installation instructions: https://gist.github.com/westonruter/6110fbc4bef0c4b8c021a112012f7e9c · GitHub

      • I mean non-auto amp code is working now, but need to find the solution for auto amp code, i have placed both auto-amp and amp code in the link
      • Everything seems to be installed correctly but several days later we still cannot see Auto ads on our AMP website. We use the Twenty Twenty theme and...


    11. АMP. Что это и с чем его едят? / Хабр

      • AMP — это технология ускоренных мобильных страниц, которая разрабатывается независимыми разработчиками и активно продвигается компанией Google в своем поисковике.
      • Страницы с AMP ранжируются выше других запросов в поиске за счет того, что соответствуют требованиям...


    12. java - What does &amp;amp;quot; mean? - Stack Overflow

      • static SerialPort serialPort = new SerialPort(&amp;amp;quot;COM4&amp;amp;quot
      • &amp;amp;quot; means nothing in java. It's just a bug in markup on the website you are using. Originally author mean something like this


    13. mysql - Which charset is '&amp;lt;'? - Stack Overflow

      • I found this character in my phpbb database: &amp;lt;. Which charset is? I'm on MySQL, and I have PhpBB and phpmyadmin. The code shows <.
      • The charset and encoding could still be anything (such as ASCII7, UTF8 or latin1, or basically anything else, since &amps; can be expressed in any modern...


    14. AMP Websites Examples - AMP By Example provides hands-on samples and a playground for using AMP components.

      • Try it yourself with the AMP Playground. Test your ideas directly in the browser and get instant feedback.
      • 1 AMP components used.


    15. AMT Electronics: P1 - to amp. - YouTube

      • AMT Electronics: P1 - to amp. Brett Kingman. Загрузка...
      • Legend Amps - AMT Electronics M1, S1, R1, P1, B1 comparison (featured HR-1) - Продолжительность: 4:54 Eugene Odnoval 109 405 просмотров.


    16. Components - amp.dev

      • The AMP HTML library consists of a basic runtime that brings the core functionalities of AMP to your page. If you want to add additional features you can do so by using one or more of the ready-to-use AMP components. They are classified as


    17. Example: AMP replaces the HTML5 audio tag with its own version: amp-audio.

      • amp-audio. Introduction Setup Basic usage Custom media notification Disabling controls.
      • The amp-audio component loads the audio resource specified by its src attribute at a time determined by the runtime. amp-audio doesn't support a responsive layout by default, but you can achieve the same by...


    18. Example: <amp-sticky-ad> - amp.dev

      • amp-sticky-ad adds support for ad units that always take a fixed place in the viewport in your AMP HTML files. The sticky ad will appear at the bottom of the
      • The text that follows is intentionally Lorem Ipsum to ensure that there is another viewport from the first one on top to demonstrate amp-sticky-ad.


    19. Documentation: <amp-jwplayer> - amp.dev | data-playlist-id

      • amp-jwplayer. Displays a cloud-hosted JW Player.
      • The AMP project strongly encourages your participation and contributions! We hope you'll become an ongoing participant in our open source community but we also welcome one-off contributions for the issues you're particularly passionate...