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    1. Events - Stellaris Wiki

      Events occur throughout the course of play. There are a whole range of events in the game, which can result in positive, negative and mixed outcomes for a player's empire. They take the form of a pop-up notification on the player's screen, which may present a player with a choice...


    2. event ID :: Stellaris General Discussions

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      • 23 Oct, 2016 @ 9:21am. event ID.


    3. Horizon Signal events - Stellaris Wiki

      An eerie story written by the British writer Alexis Kennedy and introduced in the update 1.4, Horizon Signal is an extremely rare event chain, the longest and most complex in Stellaris, and can bring massive changes to your species.


    4. Modding - Stellaris Wiki

      • remote_file_id="678893824" supported_version="1.0.0". This directory is based off the Stellaris directory in
      • Events, used to define popups with decisions. Map, used for pre-generated galaxy maps.


    5. Console commands - Stellaris Wiki

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      • Executes an event. [event id] [target id].


    6. Story events - Stellaris Wiki

      This is a list of all story related events (from /Stellaris/events/story_events.txt). The following description is used if: Is Spiritualist or Fanatic spiritualist. The [Root.GetName] is abuzz with news of the alien organisms discovered by the [From.GetFleetName] some time ago.


    7. 'Stellaris' Cheats: Console Commands To Make You Invincible, Instantly Finish Research And More

      • Stellaris is absolutely dominating the Steam charts this week, thanks to a strong word of mouth
      • Typically used to play as Fallen empires. Fallen empires IDs begin 1 digit higher than empire total for...


    8. Talk:Console commands - Stellaris Wiki

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      • 11 Planet class preference trait IDs. 12 Used "Raw list of anomalies for add_anomaly" and noted their effects.


    9. Technology - Stellaris Wiki

      Technology is a central pillar of any interstellar empire. It has allowed them to reach the stars and it will be what allows them to succeed against other empires. There are roughly 300 technologies in the game, though these will not all be available to the player in a given play-through.


    10. Special projects 2 - Stellaris Wiki

      This is the list of special projects found in /Stellaris/common/special_projects/00_projects_2.txt. The planet's flora is remarkably dexterous, alarmingly aggressive, and definitely worthy of closer study. Strange readings are coming from the planet's moon. It could be nothing.But it could be something.