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    1. Unknown file version: Bundle\client\icons.build.bundle : playrust | I keep getting this, followed by EAC disconnected.

      • I completely deleted all RUST files from my computer, everything. Redownloaded and installed, was good to go.
      • This time I didn't do anything accept rightclick on Rust in Steam, choose Properties, select the third tab called Local Files, and click Verify Cache.


    2. Disconnected: Integrity Error: Uknown file version: Bundles\shared\prefabs.bundle :: Rust General Discussions

      • Disconnected Integrity Error: Unknown file version: Bundles/maps/hapisland.map help
      • 1: Right click Rust in your Steam Library 2: Goto Properties 3: Local Files 4: Browse Local Files 5: Bundles 6: Select the category your error was in and delete the exact error it gave.


    3. unknown file version rustclient.exe | Forum

      • ?fix for this error?


    4. unknown file version!!! МАТЬ ЕГО! :: Rust General Discussions

      • All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews. Rust.
      • 14 Apr @ 9:43pm. unknown file version!!! МАТЬ ЕГО!


    5. Rust: integrity error: unknown file version: Bundles/content/textures/01.content :: Rust General Discussions

      • 18 Jul, 2015 @ 7:13pm. Rust: integrity error: unknown file version: Bundles/content/textures/01.content. Anyone know how to fix this, or anyone else experiencing this?


    6. Disconnected: Integrity Error: Unknown file version: Bundles\shared\content.bundle. :: Rust General Discussions

      • Might be a little late for most of you, but this is what worked for me In steam, right-click on Rust and select "Properties" Go to the "Betas" tab Select the "debug -" beta Download about 130mb and done!
      • Apr 14 @ 9:46pm. verify integrity of game files... didnt work...


    7. Facepunch Forums

      • EAC Issue, cant start Rust.


    8. [РЕШЕНО] Error:Unknown File version Bundles/content/textures - 10 ответов на сайте FAQ.SteamDB.ru

      • Rust: integrity error: unknown file version: Bundles/content/textures/01.content. steamcommunity.com.


    9. EAC Violation Unknown file version bundles content textures2.content : playrust

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    10. Unknown file version | Форум

      • ***Unknown file version***. Всем привет! Сорри за тему не в том разделе. При запуске CS 1.6 с EAC выбивает ошибку
      • ошибка в dayz вас изгнали из игры (battl eye unknown game version ).